Reflections in Watercolour

Music of Sally Greenaway

Reflections in Watercolour (dedicated to Australian artist John Wykes, who passed away unexpectedly at the height of Melbourne's pandemic lockdowns) imagines the prolific brushstrokes of a watercolour painter in his studio, surrounded by artworks stacked against walls, sketches drying pegged on a line, and jars of murky water and various paintbrushes.

The piece follows in the footsteps of Gounod and his Ave Maria fusion with Bach's Prelude in C, by developing and reimagining Gounod's melodies for cellist David Pereira with a perpetual motion guitar accompaniment for Steve Allen.

Category: Instrumental: Solo & Duo;
Instrumentation: Duo: Guitar & Cello
Year: 2022
Work duration: 5min 30sec

Versions of this work appear in these recordings

Time For Calm Vol. 3
Steve Allen
Released 2023

Performed by Steve Allen; David Pereira

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