Audio / video library

Enjoy the diverse range of Greenaway's music - from concert hall works to film scores.

If you would like a piece written or arranged for your project, or you wish to order sheet music for any of the music listed below, you're invited to contact Sally to find out more information.

Please ask permission before downloading any audio on this website.

Concert hall works: Classical & jazz

Below is a selection of some of Greenaway's classical and jazz compositions:

Jazz: trio to big band

Classical: chamber to orchestra

Classical: solo instrumental

Classical: vocal & choral

Film selections

Below is a selection of some of the film cues written by Sally Greenaway:

Various film and advertising cues

The invisible thread [short film]

Unsettled [documentary]

The Reenactment [short film]

The Nest [short film]

Locks of Love [feature film]