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Creating art is an expensive business, as anyone who has tried to put on a concert, exhibition or show knows all too well. In a sector where there’s not enough funding to go around, philanthropy is increasingly filling the gap.

A new online philanthropy platform called Armchair Philanthropy, founded by Canberra-based flute player Sarah Grey, is set to shake up the way Australian artists fund their practice, enabling artists to receive payments through a monthly subscription model.
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Why become an arts philanthropist?

 Why leave it to the Government to get arts funding right?

 Your support is integral to the continued creation of art that you feel is important.

 You are supporting aspects of the arts practice for which there are no grants.

Armchair Philanthropy has been created to free artists from living grant-to-grant and to provide them with subscription payments from their supporters in a boutique philanthropy shopping experience. Many arts projects are reverse-engineered to fit grant applications and an enormous amount of time is spent on applying for grants that are unsuccessful. All of this steals from the artist's time and ability to create their work. Armchair Philanthropy aims to change that.

How will your philanthropy help Sally?

Your philanthropy will assist Sally in achieving several key professional recordings and videos of new works. As a busy composer working both locally in Canberra as well as nationally and internationally, Greenaway's upcoming projects include the releasing of a new collection of recordings and videos of several recent works.

In particular it will contribute significantly towards:

  • Engaging professional musicians (locally and nationally) to record her new works
  • Venue hire costs
  • Recording and Engineering costs
  • Video costs
  • Printing costs
  • Travel costs
  • Enabling her to pay professionals engaged in this project properly

How much does it cost?

Monthly subscriptions start from as little as $12.50AU.

Pledge your support!