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Aubade & Nocturne

Aubade and Nocturne - CD release

Featuring evocative and beautiful compositions by Australian composer Sally Greenaway, this music is intended to inspire and invigorate, from the most delicate solo piano works, to the all-enveloping orchestral works, and every size of ensemble in-between.

Inspired by the Swoon and Hush CDs, the music is beautifully performed by a stellar line-up of musicians and is available for digital download (with thanks to ABC Classics) and as a special edition hard-cover 32-page book.

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Dig This: Exploring the Big Band

Dig This: Exploring the Big Band - CD release

Sally Greenaway's foray into writing for big band began with her piece 'Falling of Seasons', written for the Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra. She took part in their highly acclaimed National Big Band Composition Competition in 2008, which is broadcast on ABC Classic FM's Jazztrack with Mal Stanley. Her piece won the award that year - and since then she has been working with big bands all around the country. The ACT Jazz Orchestra, the Melbourne Composers Big Band, the Royal Military College Big Band, Sirens Big Band and various community and school bands have performed her music to great public toe-tapping satisfaction.

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7 Great Inventions of the Modern Industrial Age

7 Great Inventions of the Modern Industrial Age - CD release

Step back into an era of unprecedented human innovation with award-winning Syzygy Ensemble, one of Australia's finest new music ensembles, superbly recorded by Move Records.

During the composition process, Greenaway emphasised the development of atmostphere and narrative, which was drawn from the stories and experience of the 90+ year olds she met with. She also spoke with archivists and scientists to bring further authenticity to the work.

Archival audio interweaves with Greenaway's music score in an engaging exploration into how the truly great inventions changed us: the way we do things and the way we think.

"Greenaway imaginatively weaves her original music score with
specially researched audio sourced from archive collections around the world,
bringing to life the wonder of an age of unprecedented innovation"
- Canberra Times

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CD releases containing Greenaway's music

The Classic 100 Love (boxset)
ABC Classics
Released 2017

Track 56: Stay Awhile (Greenaway)

Performed by Luminescence
Conducted by Daniel Brinsmead

Time For Calm Vol. 1
Steve Allen & Riley Lee
Released 2019

Track 1: Nature's Mirages (Greenaway)

Performed by Steve Allen (Guitar) and Riley Lee (Shakuhachi)

Ask Me Tomorrow
John Couch
Released 2015

Track 15: Sin Luz (Greenaway)
Track 16: De La Luz (Greenaway)

Performed by John Couch (Guitar)

Take it in Colour
Greenaway, Cave, Tamin, Juskevics
Released 2006

Track 3: Sequira (Greenaway)
Track 4: E11eventy (Greenaway)
Track 5: Lymph Mode (Greenaway)

Performed by students from the ANU School of Music Jazz Department

About Time
Steve Allen
Released 2012

Track 7: Milonga (Cardoso/Greenaway)

Performed by Steve Allen (Guitar) and Rachel Allen (Clarinet)

Blamey St Big Band And Friends
Blamey St Big Band
Released 2012

Track 6: Taste of Honey (arr. Greenaway)

Performed by Tony Haley (vocals) and Blamey St Big Band

Canberra Voices: The Sound of Our City
Canberra Choral Society
Released 2014

Track 4: Stay Awhile (Greenaway)
Track 8: Waltzing Matilda (arr. Greenaway)

Performed by Canberra Choral Society
Conducted by Tobias Cole