Aubade and Nocturne

For a composer it is sheer joy to explore the colours and moods that an instrument creates. It entices us into a world of fancy, wonder and imagination. And when a composer expands into larger ensembles and orchestras, there opens up an endless variety of emotions and textures to explore and delight in…

Aubade & Nocturne features evocative and beautiful compositions by Australian composer Sally Greenaway. This music is intended to inspire and invigorate, from the most delicate solo piano works, to the all-enveloping orchestral works, and every size of ensemble in-between.

The music is beautifully performed by a stellar line-up of musicians, including violinist Barbara Jane Gilby, soprano Louise Page, flautists Vernon Hill and Teresa Rabe, pianist Sally Whitwell, harpist Liena Lacey, cellist Gillian Pereira, the Royal College of Music Symphony Orchestra, Luminescence Chamber Choir, jazz trio Trichotomy and many more!

This limited edition CD features delightful and profoundly beautiful music that is worthy of adding to your collection.

Aubade & Nocturne

Music of Sally Greenaway

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CD information & credits

Music composed & arranged by Sally Greenaway


1. Aurora Musis Amica
Conductor - Sally Greenaway;
Flutes - Vernon Hill, Terese Rabe;
Oboe - Megan Pampling
Clarinets - James Moorhouse, Robert Scott;
Bass Clarinet - Bryan Hooley;
Bassoon - Jonathan Barakat
Horns - Carly Brown, Julian Hunt
Trumpets - Cameron Smith, Dan McLean, Claire Leske
Trombones - Rob Lee, Tim Leske
Bass Trombone - Rob Clements
Tuba - Stephen Lucas-Smith
Harp - Kit Spencer
Percussion - Charles Martin, Christina Hopgood, Katrina Leske

2. Blue Mountains
Royal College of Music Symphony Orchestra
Conductor - Graham Ross

3. 4. 5. Poems [I, II, III]
Cello - Gillian Pereira
Piano - Sally Greenaway

6. Elk Branches
Conductor - Sally Greenaway
Violins - Barbara Jane Gilby, Timothy Wickham
Viola - Xina Hawkins
Cello - Alex Voorhoeve
Double Bass - Kyle Daniel
Flute - Vernon Hill
Oboe - Megan Pampling
Clarinet - James Moorhouse
Bassoon - Jordan London
Horn - Carly Brown
Trumpet - Cameron Smith
Trombone - Rob Lee
Tuba - David Abkiewicz
Piano - Kylie Loveland
Harp - Elizabeth Biggs
Percussion - Charles Martin, Christina Hopgood

7. Stay Awhile
Lyrics - Sally Greenaway
Luminescence Chamber Choir
Conductor - Daniel Brinsmead

8. Dawn of Evening
Piano - Sally Whitwell

9. Etude in F minor
Piano - Anthony Smith

10. Liena
Harp - Liena Lacey

11. Skylark
Lyrics - Christina Rosetti
Luminescence Chamber Choir
Conductor - Daniel Brinsmead

12. Fantasia
Clarinet - Steve Rabe
Clarient - James Moorhouse
Clarinet - Rachel Allen
Bass Clarinet - Tom Azoury
Piano - Anthony Smith

13. The Feud Suite
Poetry - Tanya Kiermaier
Soprano & Narrator - Louise Page
Piano - Sally Greenaway
Violin 1 - Barbara Jane Gilby
Violin 2 - Timothy Wickham
Viola - Xina Hawkins
Cello - Alex Voorhoeve
Double Bass - Kyle Daniel

14. Flywheel

15. At the Start of Day
Piano - Sally Greenaway
Bass - Hannah James
Drums - Ed Rodrigues

16. Encore de Lirico
Piano - Sally Greenaway
Bass - James Luke


Duncan Lowe at Infidel Studios (tracks 3-7, 11, 13)
Niven Stines at the ANU School of Music (tracks 1, 6, 12)
Mark Smith at Real Productions (track 14)
Tony Hunter at Artsound FM (tracks 10, 15)
Ben Wiffen and Stephen Harrington at RCM Recording Studios (track 2)
Tracks 8 & 9 recorded by Sally Greenaway.
Track 16 recorded by Sally Greenaway and James Luke.

Mastered by Kimmo Vennonen at KV Productions.

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