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Sally Greenaway | Australian composer and pianist.

'expressive, introspective and emotionally satisfying original compositions...' (


Sally is regularly commissioned to write new music and arrangements for ensembles.

Commissioning a new work

Imagine the opportunity of working with a living composer - the experience of hearing a commissioned work performed for the first time is thrilling and rewarding.

If you are thinking of commissioning a new work or arrangement for a specific event or a particular ensemble, why not contact me and we can discuss what type of piece you would like. I write scores with strong consideration to criteria such as the musical abilities of the performer(s), your ideas regarding theme/style/text, and the purpose/occasion.

The Commissioning fee varies depending on several factors, including length of piece, number of instrumental parts, and the deadline. I am willing work collaboratively with the musicians to create the piece, and to workshop the piece with the ensemble.

Make contact!

If you are considering commissioning a new work or arrangement please contact me

Learn more about my music

Visit my music page or scores /charts page to discover more about my compositional style for a wide range of ensembles.

You can also check out my Soundcloud page for even more examples of my music.

What other people have commissioned

Recent commissions include:

  • 2015 - Chamber work: Work in progress for Plexus Trio (Melbourne)
  • 2014 - Piano: Cadenza for a Haydn piano sonata candidate
  • 2014 - Flute & Piano: Summer Beckons for 'My Love is a House' collaboration
  • 2014 - Chamber Orchestra: Elk Branches written during the Australian Youth Orchestra National Music Camp 2014
  • 2013 - Choral Work: Noel Day for Woden Valley Youth Choir
  • 2013 - Bass Baritone Voice + Piano: Look to This Day for Patrick Baker
  • 2013 - Wind Orchestra: Auróra Musis Amíca for Canberra Grammar School
  • 2013 - Solo Guitar: Collection of 3 Guitar Works for John Couch
  • 2012 - Big Band: God Rest Ye Groovy Gentlemen for Melbourne Composers Big Band
  • 2012 - Film Score: The Invisible Thread for James Hunter
  • 2012 - Jazz Trio: Flywheel for Trichotomy / Restrung Festival
  • 2011 - Guitar/Clarinet Duet: Milonga Interlude for Steve Allen
  • 2011 - Chamber Work: Fantasia for Canberra Grammar School
  • 2011 - Brass Band: Cirque du Brasse'air for Brass Knuckle Brass Band
  • 2011 - Film Score: Godsville for Brianna Donahue
  • 2010 - Choral Work: A Touch of Christmas for Woden Valley Youth Choir
  • 2010 - Big Band: At the Start of Day for ConneXion Big Band
  • 2009 - Film Score: The Nest for Emily Cooper
  • 2009 - Film Score: Dance of the Cherry Blossom for Emily Marcom
  • 2009 - Big Band: A Taste of Honey for Toney Haley


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