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Sheet music | Sally Greenaway

'expressive, introspective and emotionally satisfying original compositions...' (

Greenaway has composed a variety of music, from jazz to classical to film soundtracks.

See below for scores and sheet music currently available.

Scores and parts are available for purchase direct from the composer or from the Australian Music Centre.

Chamber: Duo to Large Ensemble

Listed below is are available chamber ensemble scores that have been published. See the individual work descriptions for instrumentation.

Photos below are of sketches and original manuscripts of the pieces.

The Feud Suite The Feud Suite Flood Milonga Milonga Cirque du Brasse'air Cirque du Brasse'air Cirque du Brasse'air


3x Clarinets in B-flat, Bass Clarinet, Piano

Commissioned by: Canberra Grammar School, for the Silver Anniversary of the Evening of Fine Music 2011.

This modern classical composition was commissioned by Canberra Grammar School as part of their Silver Anniversary of the Evening of Fine Music, August 2011. Written in 3 short movements, the piece was inspired by Schubert, Beethoven, Mozart, Debussy and even the film score from Pirates of the Caribbean.

>> YouTube: The Need For Reed Ensemble plays 'Fantasia'

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Fantasia Fantasia Fantasia Fantasia

Marimba, Violin, 'Cello

This contemporary classical piece was commissioned by percussionist Katrina Leske. It is written in a very filmic style and features beautiful moments for the string players, as well as a marimba cadenza (fully scored, but could equally be improvised to good effect).

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Katrimba Katrimba Katrimba


Cirque du Brasse’air
New Orleans Brass Band
2x Trumpets, 2x Trombones, Baritone Sax, Sousaphone, Percussion

Commissioned by: the Brass Knuckle Brass Band in 2011.

Imagine an eclectic mix of New Orleans brass bands, Oompah brass band and Circus bands - this charismatic piece explores the full range of colours and rhythmic drive available in this exciting lineup of instruments.

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Cirque du Brasse'air Cirque du Brasse'air Cirque du Brasse'air

Clarinet Quartet / Trombone Quartet

Written for the female jazz vocal ensemble Clever Sunday, this piece has been performed at music festivals and concerts around Australia. It is a fun up-beat ‘scat’-style piece, with an ostinato bassline. It features an improvisation section (which has been fully scored but could equally be improvised to good effect). There are several versions of the piece available – for SATB vocal ensemble, clarinet quartet, trombone quartet and jazz quintet (two horns and rhythm section)

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Interlude - Clarinet Quartet


Poems [I, II, III]
'Cello, Piano

This collection of short Poems for violoncello and piano have been inspired by Reynaldo Hahn's exquisite French mélodie pieces. Every note has been carefully written to paint the warmth of expression: a whisper or a tenderness, deep sorrow or the beauty of stillness. There are little moments of shimmering piano accompaniment reminiscent of the music of Philip Glass, which supports the lyrical ‘cello voice.

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Poems    Poems    Poems   

The Feud Suite [from The Nest soundtrack]
Soprano, Piano, String Quintet (2 Violins, Viola, Cello, Double Bass)

Adapted for concert hall from an original film score (The Nest), featuring a wonderful, evocative poem by Tanya Kiermaier:

"...Through the bitterness of dark, the light circles,
deep and silent as the universe.
while wind flaps and hums through snarls of kikuyu
whips round the children’s graves
and flings itself out into the spreadeagled ocean..."

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The Feud Suite The Feud Suite The Feud Suite


Summer Beckons
Flute, Piano
Violin, Piano

' Summer the walls are covered with blossoms and buds and tendrils reaching...'

Written originally for flute and piano, and subsequently also scored for violin and piano, the piece features melodic lines inspired by birds and leafy Summer growth.

The piece was commissioned for a song cycle consisting of works by established and emerginc Australian composers for the concert 'My Love is a House'. Each composition in the song cycle is associated with a stanza in Martina Hoffman's poem 'My Love is a House'.

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Summer Beckons Summer Beckons Summer Beckons

Clarinet, Violin, Piano

Commissioned by: PLEXUS

Quietude explores the mental anguish of returning soldiers and takes inspiration from Richard Aldington's poem 'Bombardment'. The piece opens with a fragile and exposed line intertwining the violin and clarinet, symbolising both comradery and the white clouds which move 'in silent lines across the untroubled blue'. The setting is soon interrupted by a dark and troubled piano figure which echoes the memories of the destruction from the battlefield. This material slowly erodes and becomes more disfigured and unsettled as the piece progresses.

The climax, full of jarring rhythms and angular intervals (which are based on inversions and systematic increases or decreases in pitch based on the original melodic material) is expressive of the mental shock endured by those undertaking therapy for post traumatic stress disorder.

The piece concludes with a restating of the original theme, but this time includes a sparse piano accompaniment to add to the harmonic framework, hinting at the futility and immense suffering that comes from war.

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Quietude Quietude Quietude Quietude


The Strawberry Thief (3 short pieces)
Flute, Cello, Piano

Commissioned by: Stephanie & Ross Burton for their 40th Wedding (Ruby) Anniversary

1. The Strawberry Thief
2. The Secret Garden
3. The Little Red Fox

What do strawberries and foxes have in common? Well, at first thought, possibly not much - except when one starts to conjure up tales and adventures with the imagination... and soon a wonderful new piece is born into the world in honour of a special 40th 'Ruby' Wedding Anniversary!

Steph and Ross sent me delightful tid-bits of inspiration, including a specially made 'inspiration book' beautifully encased in a hand-made protective quilt case. In turn, I've been sending them little snippets of my music, which were incorporated throughout the decorations and favours for guests. It's been fun for me to learn about the things that the couple love (like William Morris' tapestry designs) and putting it into music for this special anniversary event.

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Strawberry Thief Strawberry Thief Strawberry Thief

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